We’re an MK born and bred company, so thought that #LoveMK day was a good opportunity to talk about why Milton Keynes is special to our team.

The Get Up and Go Attitude

When we talked about starting up our pest control company, diversifying from our commercial cleaning roots, we knew that if it was going to work anywhere, Milton Keynes was the place to start. It’s well known that MK is a hub for get-goers and doers and a brilliant home for any new business. Plus, we’re in great company with over 10,000 businesses having their bases here in Milton Keynes. 

Our Green Spaces

With 100 trees per person, Milton Keynes is a pretty green place. What does that have to do with pest control? We’re all about protecting the environment for local wildlife and people. Our team of pest controllers ensure the safe use of the right pest control chemicals in the right places to help keep MK safe and green.

Those Roundabouts

Love them or hate them, our iconic roundabouts give our team of pest controllers a quicker journey time between jobs, meaning more time spent with customers solving problems. Simple common sense. 

In Conclusion we #LoveMK

Whilst others might find our city confusing and concrete filled, we love it. There’s nowhere else we’d rather have our business or spend our time, as the Telegraph said, its Paradise. Thank you to all our brilliant customers, suppliers, pest controllers and friends for making this possible. #LoveMK

If you’d like to chat to us about your pest control needs, call us on 01908 030031 or send us a message, and our Milton Keynes loving team will get back to you asap! Want to know more? Read on to find out more about pests you might come across in Milton Keynes. 

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