It’s the time of year when our clients start to find wasps and bees nests around their properties, often causing concern about potential risk to children, customers and pets if left untreated.

The good news is our pest controllers are here to help when you need assistance with wasp nest removal in Milton Keynes and beyond.

Often, customers find that they have bees rather than wasps which we don’t treat as they are very important to the environment.

Follow our top tips if you find a wasp or bee nest in your home or work:

– Give the nest as much space as possible.

– Wasps aren’t generally aggressive when left alone but they can become angry if they feel threatened.

– Do not use DIY pest control products on a nest, wasps can become aggressive when treated.

– Call our qualified pest controllers to help treat the nest and remove it if necessary on 01908 030031.

Both wasps and bees start their life cycle in spring time, building nests in a variety of places including loft spaces, outbuildings, bird boxes, underground, under sheds, in bushes and beyond. Wasp nests are made of a pulpy papier-mâché like substance and bees nests vary depending on the type of bee you have, if they’re nesting inside your property you might not be able to see a nest at all. Check out our post about wasps nest for more interesting wasp nest facts.

In springtime you might see bees ‘moving house’ when the worker bees leave their nest to upgrade for a bigger nest as their swarm grows. Bee Swarm ProAct Pest Control Milton Keynes One of our Milton Keynes clients asked for advice after seeing this swarm of bees in their back garden.

Whilst bees are usually harmless when given space, our pest controllers advise customers to stay away from wasps and bees wherever possible to prevent unprovoked attacks.

We protect bees because they help pollinate food and flowers across the country. The misuse of pesticides can harm and kill off bee populations, which is why its important to seek out professional advice if you see what looks like a wasp nest in your property. It’s easy to mistake bees for wasps if you don’t know what you’re looking for as you can see in the picture below. If you need help removing a bees nest we can give you details of the British Beekeepers Association.



If you’d like to know more about how our pest controllers deal with wasps check out our wasp information page. If you need help call us today on 01908 030031 or send us a message and we will get back to you to help with your wasps and bees.

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