We’re talking about wasp nest removal. The summer is here and so are the wasps! We’ve been talking with our  pest controllers to find out where they’ve been finding wasps across Milton Keynes, Northampton, Bedford and beyond.

Wasp nest calls have really kicked off in the past few weeks for our Milton Keynes based team of pest controllers and we’ve seen a  huge variety of locations wasps think its safe to build their nests. Don’t worry though if you find a wasps nest in your property we can treat it.* Wasps seek out safe spots when building their nests, this year we’ve found and removed wasps from flower bushes (which clients have watered and noticed wasps coming out of), bird boxes and holes in walls. If you’ve got a paddling pool for children or water feature in your garden, be aware that wasps might get caught and tread water for some time before they drown, so have a quick check before anyone jumps in.





Customers often ask us about wasp nest removal, as they worry about wasps returning to the nest. We offer a wasp nest removal service but after treatment, once the wasps die off, the nest will not be used by other wasps. After treatment our pest controllers can return to your property to remove your wasps nest if you would like us to, for a small fee.


So what next if you’ve seen wasps around your property? Double check you’ve got wasps rather than bees if it’s safe to do so. Check out the photo of a wasp at the top of this page to see the wasps distinct yellow and black stripes. Give us a call, on 01908 030031 or send us a message even if you’re not sure if you’ve got wasps or bees and we will send out one of our security checked, professionally trained pest controllers to to confirm that you have a wasp nest which they can treat for you for £60 including VAT.

You can also find out more information by visiting our wasp information page.


*Wasps nests will be treated if accessible.

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