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ProAct Pest Control – Terms & Conditions

General Terms

1. The Seller will (and will ensure that its Technicians shall) keep the customer’s confidential information in confidence and not disclose it to any person without the Buyer’s consent, except if required by law or for judicial proceedings.

2. The customer may terminate this Agreement with immediate effect if:

• ProAct ceases to carry on its business or its business is assigned to a third party (if your business is brought out by another company the customer can choose to cancel rather than going with the new company)

• In the unlikely event that ProAct fails to meet the standards required by law.

The Seller will:

1. Ensure that all ProAct staff restrict themselves to those areas where they are performing their duties, with exception to following the customers instruction.

2. Ensure that all Technicians carrying out sole pest control duties are trained to a minimum of RSPH/ BPCA Level 2 Certficate and are part of the Basis Prompt CPD scheme for development and training.

3. Supply all equipment, labour and paperwork necessary for the effective and safe operation of the pest control service required.

4. Comply with all reasonable requests and regulations from the customer for the operation of the Pest Control service.

5. Provide all operatives with uniform and ID so that they are easily identifiable at all times.

6. Keep all equipment used in good condition and safe working order. All electrical equipment must comply with standard regulations at present in force.

7. Confirm that they are conversant with the requirements of the Health and Safety At Work Act and that strict conformance is followed.

8. Ensure that all personnel are over the age of eighteen, unless agreed on an individual basis in writing.

Customer will:

1. Ensure payment is provided promptly on completion of the pest control service or within an agreed timescale if provided in writing by a member of ProAct staff via invoice or job sheet.

2. Where appropriate provide the Seller with reasonable access during normal working hours and at any other reasonable time to carry out the required pest control duties.

3. Will not move, remove or tamper with any product / equipment left on site for the purpose of pest control.

4. Will agree to implement, where praticable, any reccomendations relating to proofing, hygiene and house keeping requirements to maximise pest management effectiveness as part of an Intergrated Pest Management system (IPM).

5. The seller will ensure it has full public liability insurance in place for a minimum of one million pounds with a reputable insurance company and shall produce the customer with evidence of such insurance at the customer’s request.

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