Spring Pests

With Spring here and the sun finally starting to make an odd appearance, we’re looking at the pests you might encounter as the weather warms, drawing out spring pests right here in Milton Keynes. We’re talking about the most common spring pests our pest controllers come across at this time of year-ants, moths, flies and bed bugs.

Ants like to come out when the sun shines. Ants are supercharged by the sun, with the sun’s warmth working like a battery, speeding up ant activity. You might suddenly notice ants trooping around your home on a sunny day as they look for food. Check out our top tips from our pest controllers in Milton Keynes about how to proof your property against ants.

can cause issues all year round, especially if they get into your carpets and lay eggs, but they’re particularly active from spring onwards. Interestingly, adult moths don’t make holes in your clothes and carpets- it’s the moth larvae which eat materials as they grow.

You might notice little maggots in your carpets or small creamy shell casings, slightly bigger than a grain of rice. If you don’t notice that you’ve got a moth infestation they can live in carpets and clothing for years, find out more about them on our moth facts page.

From this time of year flies become more of an issue, as like ants they become active as the weather gets warmer. During hot periods fly eggs can hatch within three to four days and an adult fly can lay up to 900 eggs in its 3-4 week life, resulting in lots of flies if you’ve got something nice for them to live on like rotting rubbish or garden material or even dog poo.

Flies are carriers of disease as they feed on rubbish, animal poo and human food. Our pest controllers always advise our clients to cover food to prevent the spread of disease.

Bedbugs often find their way into your home after you’ve been on holiday or travelling away from home, but you can pick them up anywhere- on the bus or train and even in the library as they shelter in book bindings. They’re excellent tourists, hitching lifts wherever they can and are commonly found infesting aeroplanes. You may find yourself with a bed bug infestation at any time of year but with more of us vacationing beyond Milton Keynes our pest controllers see a peak in activity in the summer. Follow our top tips for staying bed bug free to ensure that you enjoy yourself when you travel.

If you come across any of these spring pests and need help getting them under control our pest controllers can help. From Milton Keynes to Bedford, Northampton and Luton our industry trained, security checked pest controllers can provide you with a free quote to help resolve your pest problem. Call us today on 01908 299518 or contact us online. Thank you to our pest controller Claire Sharpe for sharing her photo of Newport Pagnell.