Protecting your business against bad press and social media

It’s true that social media can be a force for good, connecting people across the world, inspiring generosity and good deeds. It also gives businesses direct access to existing and potential customers, allowing them to truly understand what their customers want at any time.

However, as Aldi and their suppliers Agrifreeze discovered last week, it can also quickly spread bad news stories damaging customer confidence on all levels.

As newspapers reported on one grandma’s story of finding half a frozen dead rat in her Aldi vegetable medley as she fed her granddaughter, social media and the internet lit up, momentarily taking the limelight away from Aldi’s otherwise mainly positive marketing strategy. The supermarkets initial disappointing response to their customer, offering £30 as an apology was a bad start, but since then Aldi has responded to the story by taking serious action, recalling nearly 40,000 bags of frozen vegetables and suspending all orders from the vegetable supplier Agrifreeze whilst they investigate the matter.

For Aldi, who have topped the supermarket satisfaction survey this week, it seems that the news cycle has moved on from last weeks’ rat scandal, but for suppliers Agrifreeze- who knows how long they’ll be receiving the cold shoulder from Aldi. Whilst the impact this is having on the Belgian company is difficult to quantify from our HQ in Milton Keynes, for many small local suppliers the suspension or loss of a major contract like this could be devastating.

All businesses can appreciate the importance of working to industry standards to achieve big contract work. This often requires accreditations which may well include a pest control element. As Agrifreeze may now be realising, it’s very difficult to back track on a bad press story like this, which will involve intense scrutiny of production processes and a serious investment in pest control to ensure their rat infestation doesn’t impact on future work. As the saying goes prevention is better than cure, which is why we offer our tailored pest prevention strategies, after all- its better for us to find a rat before your customer.

If you’re concerned about pests in your business or if your looking to achieve a new accreditation which requires pest control call us on 01908 299518 for a free, no obligation quote or send us a message and we’ll get back to you.