Rodents and fleas in Milton Keynes


As the weather changes so do the pests you are likely to come across here in Milton Keynes. Rodents like rats, mice and squirrels are starting to move indoors, seeking shelter from cooling temperatures. Now is a good time to carry out a bit of DIY to pest proof your property and we can help, our top tips explain how the smallest cracks, gaps and holes act like a front door into your home for mice and rats. If after proofing you still find you’ve got uninvited rodent guests coming into your home our fully trained and security checked pest controllers can help you to remove them.

Photo of rat

It’s also common for fleas to be a real issue at the start of autumn. Whether you have pets or not, fleas that you or a four legged friend may have bought in after a walk in long grass can cause nasty bites and itchy pets. It’s important to wash clothes, bedding and household textiles on a 60 degree wash to kill off any flea eggs to stop their reproductive cycle. Our Milton Keynes based pest control team can use an insecticidal treatment to treat your home and get rid of your fleas.

You might also find your coming across drunk wasps at this time of year, as they eat up rotten fruit that has fallen from trees. Be very careful around these wasps as they are very angry and protective of their nests in autumn. With all their jobs finished for the year, and an overcrowded nest, wasps have short fuses and can give a nasty sting. It’s worth keeping away from any nests you see and calling us to quickly treat it for you.

So what next if you need one of our pest control services? Call our team of British Pest Control Association trained technicians on 01908 030031 or send us a message online and we will help you. Covering Milton Keynes to Luton, Bedford and Northampton, we’re here to help you today.

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