Don’t let rats plague you

Scientists now agree that rats weren’t to blame for spreading the plague between the 1300s and the 1800s. Unfortunately, it was us humans spreading the disease through fleas and ticks which people used to carry on their bodies and clothes due to poor hygiene.

Photo of rat

However, rats do still carry diseases like Listeria and Salmonella which can make you very sick, and Hantavirus which can be very dangerous, potentially causing breathing problems and damaging organs.

Apart from diseases, having rats on your property can be very damaging for you and your family or your business image- after all who wants to eat from a restaurant with rats in the carpark or worse in the kitchen!? Did you know that rats have also been blamed for floods and fires by the Fire Brigade in the past, like this poor family experienced in Hampshire.

Don’t panic though, there’s lots that you can do to prevent rats from entering your property and our dedicated pest control team are here to help if you’re still worried. Here are our top tips for keeping rats out this winter:

1. Sealing up potential entry points into your property is essential, as rats can squeeze through gaps the size of a 5 pence piece.

2. Double bagging your rubbish and putting it in sealed bins is good too, and if you don’t have regular bin collections, taking rubbish to the tip weekly is important to stop rotting food attracting rats.

3. Keeping on top of your green spaces is important- overgrown bushes provide safe shelter for rats, as does decking.

4. Keep an eye on your bird feeders and sweep up whatever the birds knock on the floor. Bird feeders encourage wildlife of all varieties so be aware of their potential to invite unwanted pests in to your garden.

5. If you do see rats in your property call us today on 01908 299518 for a free, no obligation quote to remove the rats from your property quickly, or leave us a message here and we’ll get back to you.