The Facts About Rats

This winter we’ve had more calls than ever about rats at our HQ in Milton Keynes. Lots of customers find having rats very stressful- the noise, the damage they cause and the invasion of your personal space.

Unfortunately, once rats are inside the fabric of a building its possible to find them pretty much anywhere, from kitchens to bedrooms and lofts they’ll stay wherever they can find food, without detection. Today we’re looking at the good the bad and the ugly when it comes to the rodents, loved by some, loathed by others.

Your closer to a rat than the sea in Milton Keynes

You’re never more than 50 metres from a rat, according to scientists which isn’t as bad as the old belief that you’re never 6ft from a rat. In Milton Keynes we’re as far away from the sea as you can get, so technically your closer to a rat than the sea in Milton Keynes.

We now have Super Rats

Like humans developing resistance to antibiotics due to over use, we now have super rats developing resistance to pesticides, with up to 70% of rats surviving after eating commonly used poisons. We use a variety of innovative products to manage this and keep up to date with pest control news to ensure that we’re always ahead of the game here in MK. As members of the British Pest Control Association we continue to keep up to date with industry developments ensuring that we’re always one step ahead of the super rats.

Rats like bird food

Many of us have bird feeders to support wildlife during the winter, but it’s important to be aware that rats love bird seed too. If you’re using a feeder, avoid overfilling it. If you notice birds throwing seed onto your garden patio or decking sweeping up the leftovers will remove an easy rat food source, helping keep rats and other rodents out of your garden.

Rats are Amazing at Reproducing

A pair of rats can have up to 200 babies in a year and as a result they could end up with up to 2,000 descendants in a year. If you think rats are getting comfortable in your property swift action is essential to avoid rat numbers growing over time.

If you need help getting rid of rats in your property in Milton Keynes, Bedford, Northampton or Luton, contact us today for a free, no obligation survey on 01908 299518 send us a message and we’ll get back to you.