Wasps nests- your questions answered

As we move into wasp season we thought we’d answer some of the questions our pest controllers come across regularly when treating wasps. If you have any questions that we don’t cover, please give our team a call on 01908 299518 for advice and a friendly chat.

picture of a wasps nest


Are wasps dangerous? As a general rule wasps won’t cause many problems when they are left alone. Wasps can become aggressive if you get too close to their nest, so give them space and don’t approach the nest if you can avoid it. If you are allergic to wasp stings please be very careful and do not approach their nest.

How long will the wasps live for? Wasps appear from spring time and will die out by late autumn.

Will the wasps come back next year? A wasps nest will only be occupied by wasps for one season if left untreated and if treated the wasps will die off within two to three days. Wasps make their way inside buildings to build their nests when there are holes in the property they can fit through. If these holes are not sealed there’s a possibility that the wasps will enter the property again the next year and build another nest close by.

Why do my wasps seem to be drunk? At the end of the summer wasps can appear drunk due to the rotting fermented fruit they’ve eaten.

What does a wasps nest look like? Wasps build their nests in whatever space they can find so they vary in shape and size, but they all look like they’re made of papier-mâché. You might not be able to see a nest at all if the wasps have built their nest in a wall cavity or in the ground but you will see lots of wasps heading in the same direction.

What if my wasps nest turns out to be bees? Can you still remove them? As a rule we don’t treat bees nests because they are beneficial to the environment. We will come out to your property to assess whether you have wasps or bees free of charge. If its bees we can advise you who to contact to remove the nest safely if required. Bees are not generally dangerous if left to their own devices and are important to help pollinate local plants.

If you’d like us to visit you for a free survey of your wasps nest call our team today on 01908 299518 or send us a message by clicking here.