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Wasp Pest Control

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Our trained pest controllers can quickly and safely treat wasps nests and remove them if required across Milton Keynes, Northampton, Bedford and the surrounding area. We specialise in wasp removal and wasp nest removal in Milton Keynes & the surrounding areas.

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Problems Wasps Can Cause You

  • Wasp stings can cause serious allergic reactions and may even result in death
  • Wasps can attack unprovoked
  • Wasps are very protective of their nests and attempting to remove a nest yourself can be very dangerous

Wasp Facts

  • Wasps are natures’ pest controllers, eating other insects
  • Wasps build their nests from chewed wood and saliva, making a papier-mâché like substance which is light weight but strong
  • Wasps nests are virtually waterproof

Wasp Nest Removal FAQs

£50 plus VAT (unless specialist access equipment is required).

Our wasp nest treatments are guaranteed. It usually only takes one visit, but we don’t stop until the wasps have gone.

A single wasps nest can house up to 6,000 wasps, who may become angry if they feel threatened. Our pest controllers have professional grade products and safety gear to protect them when they approach a wasps nest. If you find a wasps nest we advise that you keep your distance, don’t disturb the wasps and keep children and pets away. DIY wasp treatments can be dangerous and could harm you and your property.  Keep Calm- Call ProAct.

Wasps can get very angry once they’ve been treated as our video shows:

Our trained and security checked pest controllers will visit your property and identify the best way to treat your wasps nest. Most commonly we use an insecticidal dust sprayed directly onto the wasps nest, or into the holes that the wasps use in your property to get into their nest. The nest will usually die off 24 to 48 hours after treatment.

Treated wasps nests are often left in place as they are usually in inaccessible areas like wall cavities. Treated nests will not be reused and will not cause damage your property. If accessible, we can remove wasps nests at an extra charge as a return visit is required.

No. Wasps nests are only used for one season, which usually starts in spring. Most wasp nests have died off by late October. However, before dying off any untreated nests produce new queens who will hibernate over winter and come out the following spring to build a new wasps nest, which they might build close by as the original location was just right. We recommend early treatment in spring and summer to stop this.

For more information about wasp nest removal check out our article here.

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