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Flea Pest Control

Are fleas causing you a problem? We can help.

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Our pest controllers can survey your property free of charge to confirm that you have a flea infestation and carry out an insecticidal treatment to eradicate the fleas. We can also offer advice about treating domestic pets and managing the infestation through cleaning bedding and carpets.

Contact our pest controllers across Milton Keynes, Bedford, Northampton and the surrounding area to help you today on 01908 299518. You can also contact us using the link below to book your free, no obligation survey.


Problems Fleas Can Cause You

  • Fleas bite and feed of human and animal blood
  • After feeding fleas lay eggs on their infested host which drop onto the surrounding area
  • Fleas jump up to 150 times their height to reach their hosts
  • Fleas will jump on to pets when they are outside in the warmer months, travelling into your property

Flea Facts

  • Female fleas can live for two years and lay 1,000 eggs
  • Fleas are 2mm on average
  • Static shock can occasionally be confused with flea bites


Yes. Fleas can hitch a ride if you’ve had contact with an infested animal or environment. That said, humans are not a fleas preferred host as their ability to reproduce and survive solely on humans is greatly reduced. They can still potentially survive for a number of months though!

No, this is something that will need to be done in conjunction with any flea treatment we provide and we would advise consulting with your vet for the most appropriate course of treatment.

Fleas are small reddy brown wingless insects, around 2-3mm in size. They have an elongated sucking mouthpart and long legs designed for jumping. This image shows what a flea looks like up close.

Yes, fleas are not the only insect that cause bites, other possibilities include bed bugs or mosquitos. Alternatively, it could be down to a skin condition or allergy. Our pest controllers are on hand to carry out a free site survey to identify whether fleas are responsible.

The easiest way to know if you have a flea problem is actually seeing fleas. They will usually be within the fur of your dog or cat or amongst your carpet or soft furnishings. You’ll notice that they are very quick to jump away when the fur is disturbed. Other signs include being bitten often around the ankle, observing your dog or cat scratching more than usual, or finding flea faces in your pets’ fur- it looks like salt and pepper from a shaker.

Getting rid of fleas involves working in partnership with you. If you have a pet that is a likely host then getting it treated is really important. Once this is done we will apply a professional use only insecticide to areas within your property where fleas are likely to reside, usually where pets sleep or rest, carpets, soft furnishings and around the edges of rooms where the floor and walls meet. This will kill all adult fleas and the residual effect will also treat fleas that later emerge.

For more information about fleas check out our flea article

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