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Ant Pest Control

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Our pest controllers will assess your ant problem and quickly resolve your ant infestation.

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Problems Ants Can Cause You

  • Ants spread disease by tracking dirt into clean or sterile areas
  • Ants contaminate food
  • Ants cause a general nuisance as they are strong communicators, meaning that once they’ve identified a food source they will return in big numbers to take food back to the nest

Ant Facts

  • Ants seek out shelter in the winter ready to build their nests in the spring
  • There are over 10,000 ant species in the world
  • Black garden ants ‘milk’ aphids which excrete honeydew in return for protection

Ants Pest Control – FAQs

There are thousands of ant species but the most common type of ants we come across in Milton Keynes are the black ant also known as the garden ant. They can withstand cool temperatures and usually nest outside in the ground but will make their way into your property in search of food. Other common ant species include non-native tropical ants like the pharaohs’ ant, rogers ant and ghost ants. They are less hardy to the cold and as a result in the UK will usually only survive indoors.

The cost  of ants depends on a number of factors including the ant species that needs treating, the extent of the ant infestation and the environment they are being treated in. For example, a single black ants nest in a domestic property in Milton Keynes will usually be much easier and cheaper to treat than a wide scale infestation of pharaohs ants in a care home. Because of this our pest controllers carry out a free, no obligation site survey. Following this we can explain the required treatment type, timescales and cost.

Here in the UK garden ants will usually enter your property in search of food. Once the ants find a suitable food source they will communicate with their friends and you’ll notice a trail of ants going back and forth. Tropical species such as pharaohs ants, ghost ants and rogers ants, will be looking for a place to call home as well as food as they can’t survive outside if the weather is too cold.

DIY ant treatments can be successful with small ant infestations. Our pest controllers advise against DIY treatments as incorrect treatment can make the situation worse, especially with species such as pharaohs ants who will split into multiple colonies when threatened or disturbed. Over the counter products such as ant powder can kill off visible foraging ants but they will not impact the nest. Using these products incorrectly can be a risk to children and pets, so we would always recommend following label instructions or if in doubt call our Milton Keynes based pest controllers on 01908 299518.

Every ant problem can differ and at ProAct pest control we have a range of tools and products to solve your ant issues. In the majority of situations we utilise ant gel bait placed strategically along ant trails or directly on to the ants nest which they take back to the nest and feed to the other ants including the queen that eventually kills off the colony. See our ant bait in action in the video below.

Read our top tips for preventing ants for more information.

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