Merry Christmas from Team ProAct

Merry Christmas from all the team at ProAct Pest Control! Thank you for your support this year, its been a fantastic first year of business and from our family to yours we wish you all a very Merry, pest free Christmas and a brilliant New Year! 


From pest prevention programmes to infestation emergencies we’ve worked with our clients this year to create a pest free environment across Milton Keynes, Northampton, Bedford, Luton and beyond. If you find yourself with a pest emergency get in touch and we will be on hand to help you out!  Don’t forget pests love Christmas too, from mince pies for snacks to wrapping paper for bedding, Christmas treats bring joy to pests too. Here are our top tips for a very Merry pest free Christmas:

  1. Extra Christmas food waste? Double bag your rubbish and if you can put it in a bin with a lid. If possible take a trip to the tip during the Christmas break so you don’t have rotting food outside your property too long to interest rodents.
  2. Too many leftovers? Put any left over food into sealed containers or bags, ideally in the fridge where they can’t be reached by hungry pests.
  3. Leaving magic reindeer food out for Rudolf and his friends? If they leave any food behind remember to sweep it up as rats and mice also like yummy reindeer treats!
  4. Loads of wrapping paper? Keep it all together in a recycling bag, ideally double bagged to put off mice and rats who might try to use it as bedding.
  5. Taking your real Christmas tree down promptly after Christmas? If you can drag it outside on a bed sheet and have a good hoover when its gone, to avoid leaving behind any bugs that have hatched on the tree in your lovely warm home.

If you’re concerned about pests that have come in to spend Christmas with you, call us today on 01908 299518 for a no obligation free quote or leave us a message here and we’ll get back to you. Merry Christmas!