As the bank holiday weekend approaches we’re highlighing the risk of picking up unwanted guests during your travels. Pest control is probably the last thing on your mind as you drive away from home, but as many people pick up bedbugs whilst they’re on holiday we wanted to share our top tips to keep you bedbug free.

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1. Check out your hotel room before you unpack:

Bed bugs are small insects, they look like little brown discs about 5mm in size (about the size of an apple pip). They like to hide during the day so you may not actually see them but check underneath bedding for groups of little dark spots and blood smears around the mattress and headboard where other people might have been bitten. If you’ve already slept in the bed and have woken up with red bites on your body in rows or clusters its likely your room is infested with bedbugs.

2. Check your bags before you come home:

If you don’t spot any signs of bed bugs on your holiday our pest controllers advise you to stay vigilant to stop you bringing any stray bed bugs home with you. As you pack to come home, check your suitcase for bedbugs and then check again when you get home. Although bedbugs can’t jump or fly they are well adapted for sneaking into suitcases and making a break for a new home. Their small size and flat body give them excellent skills at squeezing into small cracks and crevices. Make sure you check thoroughly including in the seams, along the zips and under your suitcase lining.

3. If you notice bed bugs when you get home give us a call:

If you follow our bedbug advice but still find yourself with bedbug problem on your return home don’t panic. Call one of our friendly Milton Keynes based pest controllers on 01908 030031 or click here to get in touch with our friendly pest control team.

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