Halloween Creepy Crawlies

With Halloween approaching we’re looking at the creepiest, spookiest pests you might come across in your home or when you’re out and about.

Pumpkin photo

Cockroaches are cannibals, eating one another if they need to, when food is scarce. Cockroaches have been known to make their way onto UK soil via container ships.

Cluster flies which you’ll often find in loft spaces around Halloween time, lay their eggs in the soil. When their larvae hatch they wriggle off to find earth worms which they burrow into, feeding on to them from the inside out!

Bed bugs, which you can come across throughout the year, are apple seed sized vampires and the travellers nightmare, hitching a ride home with you to your bedroom from your hotel, your taxi cab and even your plane seat as this lady found out, ready to ‘drink your blood’ as you sleep!

Rats could be making their way up your toilet pipe as this family in London experienced! If they get into the sewers or through a crack in your pipe works they may well be closer to you than you think! Rats are incredible swimmers and can hold their breath for up to three minutes. If they get hungry on their journey they also eat human faeces so check out our top proofing tips for keeping pests out this autumn.

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