Flies are a common problem at this time of year, as the temperature rises and the climate is right for fly reproduction. In the right environment the insects can reproduce in under a week, especially if you have rubbish they can feed on in warm weather.


Whilst the odd fly flying around your kitchen might not seem like a problem, they spread diseases from listeria to salmonella and beyond. This can be a real hazard in professional kitchens and at home too- as flies landing on your food may just have been feeding on faecal matter, rotting food or animal carcases.

Flies are known to carry diseases on their feet, wings and bodies as well as spreading diseases  as they eat by vomiting on their food to break it down before eating. Here are our top tips for keeping flies away this spring.

So what can you do to prevent flies causing problems in your business? Our preventative pest control contracts are ideal. Our Milton Keynes based pest controllers will highlight possible entry points and advise you how to rectify them. We can supply Electronic Fly Killers (EFKs) to stop flies in their tracks and fly screens and door strips to keep them out completely. Our team can also discuss preventative steps you can take to avoid them taking an interest in your property- inside and out- and offer advice on waste disposal and potential fly breeding sites that need addressing.

If you see flies in your property and want professional help to resolve the problem, call us on 01908 030031 or send us a message. From Milton Keynes to Bedford, Northampton and Luton our industry trained, security checked pest controllers can provide you with a free quote to help you today.

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