Fleas can be problematic from this time of year onwards, with dogs and cats usually picking them up whilst they are out of the house. Unfortunately, you might not realise that you have fleas until you notice that you are being bitten around the ankles or your pets are scratching much more than usual.

What can you do to prevent fleas coming into your home? The best protection against them is to keep your pets’ flea treatments up to date, as they act like walking flea killers, stopping them from reproducing and spreading through your property.

If you do get behind with your treatments or notice fleas, speak with your vets to arrange a treatment plan and then give our pest controllers a call. You can also get a head start by washing all bedding, clothing and soft furnishings on a 60 degree wash to kill off fleas and hoover regularly, ensuring you throw out the hoover bag afterwards. We can spray your house with a professional grade insecticide to kill off adult fleas immediately and kill their offspring as they emerge from their eggs.

But what if you don’t have pets? Sadly, it’s still possible to get fleas as you might pick them up when you’re out and about, if you come into contact with an infested animal. Fleas don’t really like living on humans though, we aren’t particularly good hosts as we cause a drop in flea fertility. However, they can still survive for a couple of months so call us if you’re concerned on 01908 030031 or send us a message and we will get back to you to discuss how we can help with your flea problem.

You can also find out more information by visiting flea pest control page.

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