Cluster Flies – an Unwanted Christmas Present

Its getting to the time of year when you take that annual expedition into the loft to get down the Christmas decorations. You might come across unexpected pests in the process and we’re talking about how and why cluster flies are hiding in your loft.

Picture of a cluster fly

In the warmer spring and summer months cluster flies would have been happy outside going about their business, drinking flower nectar and reproducing outside, laying their eggs near earth worms which the larvae burrow into and live off of. It is only once the weather gets cold that the flies enter buildings in search for warmth and a safe place to stay for the winter. Often they make their way into lofts, following the rising heat, through gaps in the eaves or gaps in windows.

Cluster flies don’t reproduce in the winter, and if they’re left alone they will huddle together like penguins do to keep warm. In Spring time the flies make their way out of the loft. The flies experience navigation problems when they are disturbed by bright lights, like loft lights or torches, which makes them think Spring has come early and they look for a way out of the loft.

If left untreated cluster flies will return to the same safe space each winter with their offspring to hibernate and if left untreated or unnoticed you can end up with thousands of flies in your loft!

If you come across flies in your loft this winter, get in touch with our friendly pest controllers as we can help you quickly remove the flies and recommend proofing options to stop them coming back. Call us today on 01908 299518 to arrange a free survey.You can also send us a message here and we’ll get back to you.