Christmas Trees and their Bugs

Have you put your Christmas tree up yet? On National Christmas Tree Day we’re talking about Christmas trees and the bugs that you might be bringing into your home without realising if you’re a fan of live Christmas trees.

Picture of a Christmas tree with a dog ornament

Scientists say that Christmas trees can hold up to 25,000 bugs from mites to moths, spiders and aphids. But is this something that you should be worried about? Not particularly, whilst the bugs hibernating in your tree are likely to be woken up by the lights and warmth in your house they won’t be able to survive as there’s nothing for them to feed on, so as long as you don’t have a nasty experience like this poor Derbyshire couple you should be fine. Follow our top five tips for a bug free Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Our top tips for bug free Christmas trees:

1. Leave your tree outside or in the garage over night before bringing it inside to kill off any active bugs
2. Have a good look at your tree before you bring it indoors, check for things like black and red dots, white bubbly masses that look like spit and for spiders
3. Give your tree a gentle shake before bringing it in the house to get rid of any loose eggs and bugs, they might have already done this for you at the tree farm
4. Drag your tree in to the house on a duvet cover to keep bugs and needles from getting into your carpets and do the same when you take it out of the house after Christmas
5. Don’t spray your tree with bug spray or pesticides as this could be a fire risk

Want to find out more about Christmas trees and their bugs? Have a read of this interesting article from the University of Bergen. If you’re concerned about pests that haven’t come in to your home via your Christmas tree call us today on 01908 299518 for a no obligation free quote or leave us a message here and we’ll get back to you.