This Saturday is Bring Your Christmas Tree Home day, but what are you going for- a real Christmas tree or a fake tree? Both have their good points and bad points, the  fresh pine smell versus falling needles, but did you know that real trees come with up to 25,000 bugs on them! This isn’t necessarily anything to worry about as the bugs can’t survive for long once their tree has been cut down- as they need a living tree to feed from. If you’re still concerned follow our top tips to keep your home pest free this Christmas!

Top tips for a pest free real Christmas tree:

  • When you bring your tree home, don’t take it inside immediately, leave it in the garden or garage for 24 hours ideally so that any active bugs can die and fall off.
  • If you notice groups of bugs gathering in a certain spot on the tree, cut that bit off (if possible) or wipe bugs away.
  • Shake your tree before you bring it inside to let bugs fall off.
  • Bring your tree into the house with a sheet underneath it to stop bugs falling off on the way.
  • Regularly hoover underneath the tree to get rid of any bugs that have fallen out of the tree.
  • Take your tree out in a blanket when you’re throwing it out to stop any unwanted pests dropping off.


Want to find out more? Here are lots of great photos of Christmas tree bugs you might find in your real tree. If you have other pests visiting you during the festive period like cluster flies when you get your decorations out of the loft, or mice and rats call our office today on 01908 030031 to have our fully trained, DBS checked pest controllers visit you today. Working across Milton Keynes, Northampton, Luton and Bedford, we’ve got you covered.

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