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Don’t make mountains out of mole hills


Mole hills in your garden lawn can be frustrating at best and dangerous at worst and there’s very little you can do to stop them without professional help.Annoyingly, if you’ve had a visit from moles in the past it’s likely that they’ll find their way into your garden again as new moles will use the [...]

Don’t make mountains out of mole hills2017-11-10T16:07:05+01:00

Halloween Creepy Crawlies


With Halloween approaching we’re looking at the creepiest, spookiest pests you might come across in your home or when you’re out and about. Cockroaches are cannibals, eating one another if they need to, when food is scarce. Cockroaches have been known to make their way onto UK soil via container ships. Cluster flies which you'll [...]

Halloween Creepy Crawlies2017-10-27T14:09:05+01:00

Proofing your home this autumn


As you turn on the heating and hunker down for autumn, don’t forget that pests like to keep warm too. Be on the look out for rats, mice and grey squirrels who will be searching for a cosy home. Here are our top proofing tips to stop your home becoming a pest hotel:   [...]

Proofing your home this autumn2017-10-19T14:33:24+01:00

Wasps this autumn- what to look out for


With the cool weather we’ve had this summer wasps have been spending time building nests rather than foraging for food. But now their nests are built wasps are likely to emerge in the next few weeks to feed, feeding on fallen fruit, food in bins, and the last of your outdoor picnics. Wasps can easily [...]

Wasps this autumn- what to look out for2017-09-21T15:26:54+01:00

Preventative Pest Control for your Business


Have you considered investing in a pest prevention programme for your business? Perhaps not, especially if you don't seem to have a pest problem right now, but what about the future?Preventative pest control is more relevant than ever as rodents take down companies including Sky and TalkTalk this year by chewing through cables, frustrating customers [...]

Preventative Pest Control for your Business2017-09-04T16:16:53+01:00

Keep your home bed bug free this bank holiday


As the bank holiday weekend approaches we're highlighing the risk of picking up unwanted guests during your travels. Pest control is probably the last thing on your mind as you drive away from home, but as many people pick up bedbugs whilst they’re on holiday we wanted to share our top tips to keep [...]

Keep your home bed bug free this bank holiday2018-03-19T17:04:28+01:00

Top tips for keeping flies out this summer


Flies and maggots are a common occurrence at this time of year, from blue bottles to fruit flies they’re at best a nuisance and at worst spreaders of disease. Normally good housekeeping will prevent infestations, here are our top tips for keeping your property fly free: 1. Keep a lid on it! Flies seek [...]

Top tips for keeping flies out this summer2018-04-27T13:26:38+01:00

9 Reasons To Work With Us


We understand there are lots of pest control companies to choose from in Milton Keynes, Bedford and Northampton. Here are some reasons why we think you'll want to work with us to manage your pest control needs. 1. We’re local. We are based in Milton Keynes and employ local people. When you work with us, [...]

9 Reasons To Work With Us2017-07-20T12:00:24+01:00

Wasps nests- your questions answered


As we move into wasp season we thought we'd answer some of the questions our pest controllers come across regularly when treating wasps. If you have any questions that we don't cover, please give our team a call on 01908 030031 for advice and a friendly chat.   Are wasps dangerous? As a general rule [...]

Wasps nests- your questions answered2017-07-07T20:35:59+01:00

Top tips for preventing ants this summer


Ants are a common problem our pest controllers manage at this time of year as the sun supercharges ant activity. With the changes in temperature we’ve had recently you may find ants are attracted to your bins or food sources inside your house or business. Ants carry disease and dirt due to what they’ve previously [...]

Top tips for preventing ants this summer2018-04-16T14:41:38+01:00