Spring Ants

Ants are a common problem our pest controllers come across as the weather heats up here in Milton Keynes.

You’re most likely to see black garden ants in MK, which are actually dark brown in colour, rather than more exotic species, although tropical Pharaoh’s Ants can be found here in Milton Keynes too. It’s common for foraging black ants to come into properties in large numbers looking for food from this time of year onwards. If they find something worth eating you’ll notice lots of them trooping through your property as they are very organised and social insects.

How to prevent ants and get rid of them:

We’ve put together our top tips for stopping ants coming into your property in the first place but if that doesn’t work, call our pest controllers on 01908 299518. Our Milton Keynes based pest controllers use an effective, fast working gel bait which ants take back to their nest to kill off the whole colony. The ant powder that you can buy on the high street will kill off the ants that you can see but won’t kill off the whole nest.

Interesting ant facts:

  • Ants can lift approximately 20 times their body weight, which is the equivalent of a seven year old lifting a car
  • There are an estimated 20,000 ant species in the world but only 10,000 have been documented.
  • Researchers have found that African ants give injured ants first aid.

Our pest controllers are here if you need help treating ants, call us today on 01908 299518 or send us a message. From Milton Keynes to Bedford, Northampton and Luton our industry trained, security checked pest controllers can provide you with a free quote to help resolve your ant problem.