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Fleas – Not Just a Problem For Pet Owners


Fleas can be problematic from this time of year onwards, with dogs and cats usually picking them up whilst they are out of the house. Unfortunately, you might not realise that you have fleas until you notice that you are being bitten around the ankles or your pets are scratching much more than usual. [...]

Wasps and Bees and your property


It’s the time of year when our clients start to find wasps and bees nests around their properties, often causing concern about potential risk to children, customers and pets if left untreated. The good news is our pest controllers are here to help when you need assistance with wasp nest removal in Milton Keynes [...]

Why we LoveMK


We’re an MK born and bred company, so thought that #LoveMK day was a good opportunity to talk about why Milton Keynes is special to our team.The Get Up and Go AttitudeWhen we talked about starting up our pest control company, diversifying from our commercial cleaning roots, we knew that if it was going to [...]

Flies in your kitchen this spring


Flies are a common problem at this time of year, as the temperature rises and the climate is right for fly reproduction. In the right environment the insects can reproduce in under a week, especially if you have rubbish they can feed on in warm weather.   Whilst the odd fly flying [...]

Spring Ants


Ants are a common problem our pest controllers come across as the weather heats up here in Milton Keynes.You’re most likely to see black garden ants in MK, which are actually dark brown in colour, rather than more exotic species, although tropical Pharaoh’s Ants can be found here in Milton Keynes too. It’s common for [...]

Spring Pests


With Spring here and the sun finally starting to make an odd appearance, we’re looking at the pests you might encounter as the weather warms, drawing out spring pests right here in Milton Keynes. We’re talking about the most common spring pests our pest controllers come across at this time of year-ants, moths, flies [...]

The Facts About Rats


This winter we’ve had more calls than ever about rats at our HQ in Milton Keynes. Lots of customers find having rats very stressful- the noise, the damage they cause and the invasion of your personal space. Unfortunately, once rats are inside the fabric of a building its possible to find them pretty much anywhere, [...]

Protecting your business against bad press and social media


It’s true that social media can be a force for good, connecting people across the world, inspiring generosity and good deeds. It also gives businesses direct access to existing and potential customers, allowing them to truly understand what their customers want at any time. However, as Aldi and their suppliers Agrifreeze discovered last week, it [...]

Don’t let rats plague you


Scientists now agree that rats weren’t to blame for spreading the plague between the 1300s and the 1800s. Unfortunately, it was us humans spreading the disease through fleas and ticks which people used to carry on their bodies and clothes due to poor hygiene.However, rats do still carry diseases like Listeria and Salmonella which can [...]

Mice on the Move


Mice are a common problem for our clients in the colder months as they seek shelter from dropping temperatures and look for food to keep them going. You’ll often hear them scrabbling around at night or find signs that they’ve been in your property rather than seeing them as they are very nervous. This video [...]